"StRENgthENiNg thE commuNity oNe fAmily At A timE"

History of Establishment

Phillips Hill-Perry Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2012 in honor of the late community activist Dorothy Hill-Perry Hudgins, a former Executive Director of Richmond Community Action Program (RCAP) now known as CAPUP. The inspiration and purpose behind this foundation is to provide outreach services and assistance to families in need in the following areas; food and clothing assistance, relational equity, educational support, and leadership development.

The development of these services is primarily based on the growing number of children in our local communities that go through their day without a hot meal. It is extremely unfortunate that some parents are forced to make the tough decision of whether they should provide shelter or provide food due to a lack of finances and/or resources. In many cases, hunger can lead to other problems such as poor school performance, bad choices, aggression, and crime. The majority of trouble and crime committed by youth occurs between the hours of 2pm and 7pm, in which the lack of supervision tends to be a major factor.

Although our local communities constantly face major social and cultural difficulties, we truly believe that families and parents do their best to raise and foster their children based on the knowledge and resources they possess at the time. Phillips Hill-Perry Foundation's plan is to assist with filling in the gap for those families. We have confidence that when you educate and build up families and parents, then the children will be strengthened.

Unlike any other agency knowingly at the time of organizing Phillips Hill-Perry Foundation, there were no organizations in the Metro Richmond area that had a dual focus on the development of youth, and the continued development of adults (parents or guardians). Our organizational commitment is summarized in the first sentence of our Vision. "To offer support to the whole family while building positive relationships between the schools and the community". Believing that there is a direct correlation with valuing Education and a strong understanding of valuing Family, Phillips Hill-Perry Foundation's core beliefs are centered around those two institutions. Education and family are foundational virtues that will ultimately help with growth and development of people, character, communities, and citizenship locally and globally as referenced in our Mission Statement.