"StRENgthENiNg thE commuNity oNe fAmily At A timE"

Executive Board Of Directors

We love to serve you

Maria P. Hogan

Board Chair

Daughter of Dorothy Hill-Perry Hudgins, and also the longest tenured Board Member of the organization, Maria Hogan has supported the efforts of the Phillips Hill-Perry Foundation since its inception. Giving of her time, finances, and other much needed support, she has truly shown her unwavering level of commitment to making a difference in the lives of  those in her community. 

Arika Phillips

C.E.O. / Co-Chair

 A faithful servant leader to her family, her community, and in the role as an entrepreneur. The granddaughter of  the late Dorothy Hill-Perry Hudgins, she started serving the community at the tender age of ten shadowing her grandmother as she carried out the vision and mission of an organization known then as RCAP, now known as CAPUP.  Arika has earned an Associates Degree in "Early Childhood Education" from John Tyler Community College, along with completing her B.S. Degree in "Community Based Education & Interdisciplinary Studies" from Virginia Union University. She also holds a Masters Degree in "Non-Profit Studies" from The University of Richmond, where she was recommended by a Professor to apply to The University of Virginia's "Thomas C. Sorenson School For Political Leadership". After getting accepted, and completing The Candidate Training Program, she worked tirelessly for the Seventh District by working on a Congressional Campaign as a "Constituency Organizer".   As an advocate for children and parents in the county of Chesterfield, Arika most recently (2019) ran for School Board as a candidate representing the Clover Hill District. While her campaign bid may have fallen short, her zeal to serve remains strong for the community in which she and her family resides. She's been an entrepreneur since 2006, and every endeavor has had a focus on service to her community. Her latest endeavor was opening a Community Center in Chesterfield County to create a Virtual Learning Program in a direct response to the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.

Charles Jackson


A retired Nursing Administrator, who is also a veteran (Army), Mr. Jackson embodies the term of "service". While service to your country is the ultimate stance anyone can make,  Mr. Jackson is still faithful to the act of service. Currently serving in his church (MAABC) on several committees, Mr. Jackson shows no signs of slowing down. Mr. Jackson also has a small payroll, book keeping, and tax service business that keeps him busy throughout the year. In recent past years as a partner with the Genesis Project (first time home buyers program) he served in a role of  Financial Counselor preparing individuals to manage their finances and the importance of budgeting when owning your first home. It's been shared that in Mr. Jackson's younger years, he and his wife for over fifty years, has taken care of a lot of children outside of his own. Often times mistaken that they had more children than they actually had, which was only two. With that said, Mr. Jackson has always had a love for children and the ability to put community and others first. It helps to have a team member who is fiscally responsible, and a "Family First" ideology, in which his own life is governed. "Loyalty and Committed" best describes Charles Jackson.

Clinton D. Phillips Sr.

D.O.O. / Interim Secretary

A "Youth Development Professional" for more than twenty years, Mr. Phillips (Mr. P) has served youth in the City of Richmond, and in Chesterfield County. Serving in many roles as a Youth Development Professional,  Mr. P has worked tirelessly with youth on all levels. From "At risk youth" to "Early Childhood Education", Mr. P has always seem to have found himself trying to inspire the youth with an encouraging and positive outlook on life. He's been supported over the years by his family. A devoted husband, and  father, Mr. P along with his wife (Arika Phillips) teamed up and started on their journey of wanting to serve the community in a much greater capacity. It lead them both down a path of entrepreneurship in 2006. With the commitment, love, passion, and desire to serve, they decided to journey on together in partnership/business to live out a life of sacrifice, leadership, and service for all youth and families including their own. Phillips Hill-Perry Foundation is very near and dear to the heart of Mr. Phillips, currently serving in the role of "Director of Operations" for the organization.